Our Mission

We strongly feel that our mission is better expressed as a series of promises

  1. To the people that consume our ads: We won’t make ads that demean, attack, insult, or otherwise belittle anyone. The world is mean enough without a brand insulting or dismissing who you are. In addition, we will always strive to make our ads enjoyable to listen to and are pieces of content that entertain and delight. You’re giving us some of your most valuable asset, your time, and we promise to respect it with great work.
  2. To the brands we work with: We promise to never recommend anything we ourselves wouldn’t use, we promise to never phone it in creatively and to always push the boundaries of audio advertising, and finally we promise to marry great creative with real business goals.
  3. To our team members and the talent we work with: We promise to create the kind of environment that gives you the confidence to create work you’re truly proud of, and we promise to share the spoils of victory with everyone rather than just shareholders.

-Jeromy Sonne